April 2 is Kay Rogal Day!

On Wednesday, April 2, we will honor Kay Rogal with an online memorial. On this day, we encourage all of Kay’s fans, friends and family to take to social media to share their memories of this special woman and promote her books.

Crimson Romance will be commemorating and celebrating Kay with a special sale, offering Kay’s Full Circle for 99 cents through April 1-7 at all major e-retailers.

To participate, post to Twitter or Facebook anything related to Kay, using the hashtag #KayRogalDay. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

– Share a memory of Kay

– Tell us about your favorite Kay Rogal book

– Post a photo of yourself with Kay or holding up one of her books

– Promote the Full Circle 99 cents sale

– Write a review for one of Kay’s books

-Add the Kay Rogal Day banner to your Facebook page. Image link: http://bit.ly/1o5yZtB (right click on image to save)