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Kay’s books feature happily-ever-afters with alpha heroes and strong heroines with the flames on high.


Full Circle

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The life as Cat once knew has disappeared forever, bringing terror, blood, and death in its place. Until one man accepts the heritage he has forsaken and comes after her, making her his in every way. In order to fulfill destiny and obligation in saving their world, Dante has to walk straight into hell and unleash Cat’s soul and passion. Together, they race through the darkness of hell, unleashing the light to save their love and race. Crimson Romance will be commemorating and celebrating Kay with a special sale, offering Kay’s Full Circle for 99 cents April 1-7 at all major e-retailers.

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The Heart of the Light by Kay Rogal

The Heart of the Light

Ancient history once declared the anchor as a symbol of hope, the heart representing love. Both have never stopped reaching out from the past, and the grave, seeking, hoping to tug on the hearts of the present in Maple Grove where betrayal, skeletons, love and a twenty-year old mystery are revealed. The headmaster, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, misses the touch of his wife and will do anything to fire the nursemaid and bring her back; A young pup falls in love with a woman, who lives as a hermit, yet is drawn to him; the young pup’s father, an attorney, hopes to rekindle the love of the mother of his child, whom he raised alone, never revealing the name of the mother to anyone, including to the mother; a man learns his wife, a women’s advocate, has kept a secret, along with two other women, endangering them all. Hidden agendas are revealed in every closet in a ‘hipwaders vs heels’ poker game between the men and women, ending like the ‘Maureen O’Hara-John Wayne’ movies with the men protecting and going after the women they love.

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Sweet Revenge by Kay Rogal

Sweet Revenge

Selena Malone left the Agency in search of a normal life. She never expected to find it in the arms of the dark and brooding Drake, a man with determination and a killer touch. On the night of her wedding, not only does she learn she is modern-day slaver Don Donovan’s daughter, but her beloved stepsister has been murdered by his blood, leaving a son behind. Selena knows she must take the Donovan family-her family-down if she wants to keep Drake and her nephew alive. Drake Carpoli is on leave from the Agency until he can refocus on the mission instead of his revenge against the Donovans for killing his brother. He hadn’t planned on falling in love with Selena. It isn’t until she disappears that he learns she is a member of the family he has vowed vengeance on. When he finds Selena in the midst of the Donovans, fighting for her life, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim her, even if he is not sure on what side her loyalty lies. But first, he needs to get her out alive.

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